. All Wedding bookings require a $200 retainer payment & signed contract to be secured. 

Dates are not held by inquiries. The retainer is applied to your day-of service.

. I require a minimum of the Bride + 3 Bridal party for all wedding services.

. Investment cost is subject to change at any time. Only contracted rates will be honored.


What’s required to book?

When you’re ready to go forward, you’ll receive a proposal of services, which includes a contract itemized invoice, payment schedule. A $200 non refundable retainer payment and signed contract are what’s required to secure your date.

How quickly do you book?

Weddings have been booking quicker than ever nowadays with up to 18 months in advance! The longer you wait to book, the quicker someone takes the date, as anyone is open to book a date if the contract + retainer payment are not completed.

Do you have a have a minimum booking cost?

Yes - a minimum of the Bride + 3 Bridal party or the cost equivalent. Meaning: if you don’t have a total of 4 people, the minimum cost is firm.

 Will you hold my date?

I can only hold your date once the non refundable retainer deposit has been paid and the contract has been signed. I will put your date on courtesy hold for 48 hours awaiting a deposit payment.

I haven’t confirmed the # of people that want makeup. How do I book? When should I confirm this number by?

How to book: Leave anyone on the fence out of the count! While people can opt out later on, the balance due remains firm.

When to confirm: For a head count of 6 or less, it must be confirmed 4 months before the wedding day. For head counts of 8+, it must be confirmed 6 months before if the wedding. 

Am I responsible if someone in my bridal party cancels at the last minute?

Yes, you must confirm the number of people that are receiving makeup services when you sign your contract. You can always increase the amount of services, but not decrease. Substitutions of friends or family are allowed to fill in if a bridal party member cancels. The full contracted amount will still be due.

Do you take separate payments from each person?

I only take payment from you! If someone is financially helping out or if your wedding party is paying for their own services, please have them pay you privately!


What is a preview?

A trial, also known as a preview, is a preliminary makeup session held to decide what makeup look you’d like to wear on your wedding day.

Can I book a trial without a signed contract?

Yes, but you will not have your date saved.

Is my trial a separate cost?

Yes, your trial session is a separate cost and will billed separately. 

When and where are previews held? How long does it take? 

. I reach out to you at the 4 month mark to schedule the preview 3-2 months before the wedding day.

. Trials are held at my location in Pennsburg, PA.

. Trials are 1.5 to 2 hours.

Can anyone else besides me book a trial?

Anyone who is receiving services is welcome to schedule a trial! 


Can we get ready at my venues bridal suite?

YES! please reach out to your venue to see when they open their bridal suite! Some venues don’t open early morning which does not give hair and makeup enough time to complete services. 

Do we need to bring any of our own products or brushes?

NO! I bring everything I need to do your glam!

Do you provide touch ups before you leave?

YES! I provide touch up kit for you as well for shine and lips.

What happens if you’re unable to make it on the wedding day?

If I’m unable to make it to your wedding, I try my absolute best to find a trusted replacement as soon as possible. 


Do you provide the additional artist?

Yes! I take care of the search and booking process for you and ensure that the artist is sanitary, trustworthy, and has a similar style to mine.

When is the additional artist secured?

I book the additional artist after you’re date is booked.

What fees apply to the additional artist?

A $250 fee is applied per artist for all bookings requiring an additional artist (6+).